Hodin, is a global Interim Management and Executive Search firm whose core focus is the diverse and complex world of business transformation across multiple business sectors within the private equity community.

It is said ‘Change and Transformation’ can slow down growth and development, but plans fail because of skills gaps, lack of management and executive bandwidth, ultimately the human factor and the scarcity of talent who are qualified and proven in driving and making change happen with a positive outcome.

We have extensive experience in helping our clients develop and implement business, organisational and regulatory transformation programmes by providing the talent to create, drive and implement change through our 3 core pillars of service:

  • Client Side Advisory
  • Search & Campaign Delivery
  • Interim Management

Human Capital: Economist Theodore Schultz invented the term in the 1960’s to reflect the value of human capacities. An organisation is often said to only be as good as its people, the directors, employees and leaders that make up a company’s Human Capital.

Hodin, interim management and executive search experts in change and transformation.