Hodin lives and breathes change.

Getting it right has huge benefits in terms of possibilities, success and the future. Getting it wrong has a suffocating impact on any business, in terms of growth, market share, time, cost and even potential failure.

Hodin works across multiple industry sectors – professional & financial services, retail, FMCG, outsourcing, utilities and private equity invested portfolio companies. As our core is change and transformation, any assignment starts with business strategy & planning to ensure a thorough understanding of the key drivers, aims and objectives.

Hodin is able to achieve this thanks to the 75 years combined executive industry expertise in change and a senior team comprising of an experienced executive search recruiter, client side change director who has run multiple change programmes and an ex-Accenture & KPMG Partner.

We collaborate with all our clients to identify the underlying resource and capability issues and deploy candidates that have been thoroughly vetted by someone who has done the job.Wheel


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